Superior Mop & Vacuum Attachments for Dyson V7, V8, V10, V11 & V15 Vacuum Cleaners


This latest Superior mopping attachment is the highest quality and performance tool. It’s a 3rd Generation mopping tool which has improved and perfected the original mopping tool.


The 3rd Gen tool has the following improvements:


1. Mist Spray – Very fine mist to reduce wetness& increase coverage at the same time

2. Scrubbing Pads – Better microfibre pads that are more durable and thicker to create better mopping performance

3. Control Spraying – Switch continuous mist mode on or off to control how much moisture is applied

4. Led Lighting – Make it easy to see the dirt, especially under the table or areas without direct lighting

5. Made from thicker, more durable materials


This electric attachment is set to change the way you clean your floors. It attaches directly to your Dyson cordless stick vacuum cleaner and will wet mop, dry mop, polish, clean walls & windows, and much more!

Mop & vacuum at the same time!

This excellent attachment is fully motorised, so it does not use your suction to spin, giving it fast-spinning ability and will not slow down under slight pressure like other similar tools do!

How will it mop my floors?
This attachment can be used for dry or wet mopping. For damp mopping, fill in the included water reservoir, attach the two ultra microfiber pads to the bottom of the tool, and you are ready to mop! The water will be automatically released as the brushes spin & scrub your floors. You can control how much water is released to get the desired finish. The floors are almost completely dry and sparkling clean after the cleaning!

For dry mopping, simply press the water release on and off button  – the dry microfiber will polish off any marks or streaks on your floor, leaving it sparkling and shiny!

What floor can it be used on?
This exceptional attachment can be used on any floor type, including vinyl, wood floors, laminate flooring, tiles, and shiny porcelain.

What else can I use this on?
Can be used for polishing your floors and car, cleaning walls outdoor deck, or dry cleaning your carpet.


Main Features & Inclusions

  • Mop & vacuum at the same time
  • 2 spinning washable pads
  • Fast spin 170 Rpm
  • Gen 3 model with mist, Lighting, Better pads & Switch for water / dry function
  • Includes 8 pads (Extra mop pads are available for purchase)
  • Electric motor
  • Washable mop – streak-free finish
  • Double joint elbow making it glide easily in any direction
  • Attaches directly to your cordless vacuum – for cordless mopping
  • Includes built-in water reservoir

Suitable for the models below:

  • All Dyson V7 (SV11, SV37)
  • All Dyson V8 (SV10, SV25)
  • All Dyson V10 (SV12, SV27)
  • All Dyson V11 (SV14, SV15, SV17, SV28) including Dyson V11 Outsize (SV16)
  • All Dyson V15 Detect

See images for more technical specs & warnings.

Note: This mop must not absorb water directly. You can spray clean water on the floor or the mop head to clean it, or moisten the mop first and wring out the water before mopping the floor.

Note: Can not be used with any chemicals (including Eucalyptus oil) inside the water tank; this may cause damage to the unit and void the warranty. Chemicals can be applied directly on the floor or the pads.

Weight1.45 kg
Dimensions37 × 30 × 8 cm



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