The Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop 2700Pa With Laser Navigation

You know it’s time to stop sweeping and start vacuuming, but you just can’t find the time. Meet Tesvor, the next generation of vacuum cleaners. this Robot Vacuum Cleaner has 2700 Pa of suction power that picks up dirt and leaves behind, if any, as small as 1mm! It also has 5200 mAh battery that lasts at least 2 hours.

You’re busy. You’ve got enough on your plate, so why not let the this Robot Vacuum Cleaner do the vacuuming? Its AI laser navigation and powerful suction makes it perfect for large spaces in your home. And with voice and app controls, you can start, stop, or schedule cleaning at a moment’s notice.

This versatile vacuum cleaning robot was created to require away all the sneezy stuff from your floors.

Smart Infrared Sensors
This this Robot Vacuum Cleaner has built-in laser sensors that will instantly detect all obstacles by laser recognition technology to avoid damage and destruction caused by obstacles. There also is the built-in anti-falling sensors to dodge falling down which successfully protects the sweeper itself and your family at that.

Multi Modes, Auto Adjust
There are Three Modes: Silence, Standard and Powerful. When the this Robot Vacuum Cleaner detects the ground state, it’ll automatically switch to the suitable mode. Pick any of these modes and completely utilize and achieve the best cleaning effect. Not forgetting, you’ll also be able to manually adjust the desired mode.

Break Point Running
The intelligent laser technology also has a break-point memory function, which will continue to complete the interrupted work after automatic charging. It means, battery high or low, the work will be done, not to worry!

For Optimal Use:

  1. Please update the App latest version when you receive the robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. We highly suggest the product to be used on medium-pile carpets, tile, laminated and hardwood floors. Not suitable for long-pile carpets.

WI-Fi Setting:

  1. Please put the robot vacuum and mobile phone near the Wi-Fi router
  2. Confirm that the WIFI SSID of 2.4G and 5G are different; Please connect this Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 2.4G WIFI
  3. Confirm that the WIFI password you entered is correct
  4. Please enter the WIFI Router configuration page to make the below setting
    • a) Turn off firewall
    • b) Turn off filter MAC address
    • c) Turn off the whitelist/blacklist
  5. Do not use repeaters
  6. Do not use a signal amplifier

If the above doesn’t work, please use a mobile phone to share a WIFI hotspot and connect the robot vacuum cleaner to this hotspot.

After Service
We are certain that this this Robot Vacuum Cleaner will solve your cleaning needs. We’re extremely confident with the product!

Well-Designed Water Tank
The position of the water tank isn’t in the way of suction and side brushes. Now, you can do the dry and wet cleaning in one go. However, once the water tank is attached, obstacles can’t be overcome. If you need to do everything in one go, it’s best to plan the complete cleaning room by room.

The App
Control this Robot Vacuum Cleanerwith the smartphone app (available on iOS), the supplied control, or simply use your voice.

Plan out your cleaning by assigning different cleaning modes and restricted zones – e.g., where Robot Vacuum Cleanershould not mop. By doing this, you can clean an entire room in one go. Cleaning modes can also be selected separately as required.

this is a powerful robot vacuum and mop with a reasonable price tag. Enjoy a dust and pet hair-free house without having to clean daily manually.


  • Competitive shipping is offered across Australia
  • 1-year warranty
  • Laser Intellect Navigation Technology
  • Alexa and Google Home Voice Control.Remote Control
  • Powerful App Functions, Real-Time Map, Schedule Cleaning, Slim(3.95”)
  • 2700 Pa Max Suction;5200mAh battery; S-Shape Cleaning Route
  • Auto Recharge. Break-point Memory. Anti-Falling Sensor, Anti-Collision Design.
  • Can upgrade to dust collector
  • Support Mopping Function (without water tank accessories).

Technical details

  • Size : 33,0 x 33,0 x 7.5 cm
  • Weight : 4.0kg
  • Battery Capacity : 5200 mAh (14,4 V / 25 W)
  • Rechargeable battery life (approx.) : max. 120 min.
  • Voice Service : Amazon Alexa, Google Home
  • Voice assistance : English
  • Cleaning setting : area, edge
  • Cleaning Type : Vacuuming and mopping

Standard Accessories

  • 1 Charging station
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 Remote control (without batteries)
  • 4 side brushes
  • 1 Cleaning tool
  • 1 Filter
  • 1 water tank
  • 1 microfiber cloth


  • 1 Year Warranty
Weight4 kg
Dimensions34 × 34 × 9.8 cm



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